Chord Dictionary

How To Understand Chord Diagrams

Chord Diagram Explanation

The chord diagrams used on this site display the guitar's fretboard in a vertical alignment so that the guitar nut/first fret at at the top of the diagram.

The blue dots in between frets indicate where to place your fingers.

The "x" above the top of a string indicates to not play or mute that string.

While the "o" above the top of a string indicates to leave the string "open" without a fingering at fret on that string.

If numbers appear below each string they are indicating which finger to use.

Chord Diagram Explanation









The vertical line on the left is the low E-string (thickest string), then the A-string, then D-string, then G-string, then B-string, then the high E-string (thinnest) on the right.

If a number (ex: 5f) appears to the right of the topmost fret, it is indicating that the chord should be fingered using that fret as the starting point instead of next to the nut.

  • A
  • A# / Bb
  • B
  • C
  • C#
  • D
  • D#
  • E
  • F
  • F# / Gb
  • G
  • G# / Ab


chord image Achord image A/Abchord image A/Bchord image A/Gchord image A/Gbchord image A13chord image A2chord image A4chord image A5chord image A6chord image A6/7chord image A6/7suschord image A7chord image A7(#5)chord image A7/add11chord image A7sus4chord image Aadd9chord image Aaug/Dchord image Aaug/Gchord image Adimchord image Adimchord image Adim/Abchord image Adim/Echord image Adim/Fchord image Adim/Gchord image Adim/Gbchord image Adim7chord image Amchord image Am/Bchord image Am/Dchord image Am/Ebchord image Am/Fchord image Am/Gchord image Am/Gbchord image Am6chord image Am7chord image Am7(b5)chord image Am7/add11chord image Amaj7chord image Amin/maj9chord image Asuschord image Asus2chord image Asus2/Abchord image Asus2/Cchord image Asus2/Dchord image Asus2/Dbchord image Asus2/Ebchord image Asus2/Fchord image Asus2/Gchord image Asus2/Gbchord image Asus4chord image Asus4/Abchord image Asus4/Bchord image Asus4/Bbchord image Asus4/Cchord image Asus4/Dbchord image Asus4/Fchord image Asus4/Gchord image Asus4/Gb


chord image A#chord image A#5chord image A#6chord image A#7chord image A#dimchord image A#mchord image A#m6chord image A#m7chord image A#Maj7chord image A#suschord image A#sus2chord image A#sus4


chord image Bbchord image Bb#5chord image Bb/Achord image Bb/Abchord image Bb/Dbchord image Bb/Echord image Bb/Gchord image Bb5chord image Bb6chord image Bb6/add9chord image Bb7chord image Bb7sus4chord image Bbadd#11chord image Bbaug/Echord image Bbb5chord image Bbdim/Cchord image Bbdim/Dchord image Bbdim/Dchord image Bbdim/Gbchord image Bbdim7chord image Bbmchord image Bbm/Abchord image Bbm/Dchord image Bbm/Gbchord image Bbm7chord image Bbmaj7chord image Bbmaj9chord image Bbsus2chord image Bbsus2/Gchord image Bbsus4/Ab


chord image Bchord image B/Achord image B/Abchord image B/Echord image B5chord image B5chord image B6chord image B7chord image B7/add11chord image B7sus4chord image B9chord image Badd4chord image Baug/Echord image Bdimchord image Bdim/Achord image Bdim/Abchord image Bdim/Gchord image Bdim7chord image Bmchord image Bm/Achord image Bm/Gchord image Bm6chord image Bm7chord image Bm7(b5)chord image Bm7/add11chord image Bmaj7chord image Bmaj7/#11chord image Bsuschord image Bsus2chord image Bsus2/Echord image Bsus4chord image Bsus4/Achord image Bsus4/Abchord image Bsus4/Ebchord image Bsus4/G


chord image B#5


chord image Cb5


chord image Cchord image C/Achord image C/Bchord image C/Bbchord image C/Dchord image C/Fchord image C2chord image C5chord image C6chord image C6/add9chord image C7chord image C7sus4chord image C9chord image C9(b5)chord image Cadd9chord image Cdimchord image Cdim/Achord image Cdim/Abchord image Cdim7chord image Cmchord image Cm/Achord image Cm/Bbchord image Cm6chord image Cm6chord image Cm7chord image Cmaj7chord image Cmaj9chord image Csuschord image Csus2chord image Csus2/Achord image Csus2/Bchord image Csus2/Echord image Csus2/Fchord image Csus4chord image Csus4chord image Csus4/Achord image Csus4/Bchord image Csus4/Bbchord image Csus4/Dchord image Csus4/E


chord image C#chord image C#5chord image C#6chord image C#7chord image C#mchord image C#m7


chord image Dbchord image Db#5chord image Db/Bbchord image Db/Cchord image Db5chord image Db6chord image Db7chord image Dbaug/Dchord image Dbaug/Gchord image Dbb5chord image Dbb5chord image Dbdim/Achord image Dbdim/Bchord image Dbdim/Bbchord image Dbdim/Dchord image Dbdim7chord image Dbmchord image Dbm/Achord image Dbm/Bchord image Dbm7chord image Dbm7(b5)chord image Dbmaj7chord image Dbsus2chord image Dbsus4/Bb


chord image Dchord image D/Bchord image D/Cchord image D/Dbchord image D/Echord image D/Gchord image D4chord image D5chord image D6chord image D6/add9chord image D7chord image D7sus4chord image D9chord image D9(#5)chord image Dadd9chord image Daug/Echord image Ddim/Bchord image Ddim/Bbchord image Ddim/Cchord image Ddim7chord image dim/Dchord image Dmchord image Dm/Bchord image Dm/Bbchord image Dm/Cchord image Dm/Dbchord image Dm/Echord image Dm6chord image Dm7chord image Dm7(b5)chord image Dm7/add11chord image Dmaj7chord image Dmin/maj7chord image Dsuschord image Dsus2chord image Dsus2/Abchord image Dsus2/Bchord image Dsus2/Bbchord image Dsus2/Cchord image Dsus2/Dbchord image Dsus2/Fchord image Dsus2/Gchord image Dsus2/Gbchord image Dsus4chord image Dsus4/Bchord image Dsus4/Cchord image Dsus4/Echord image Dsus4/Gb


chord image D#chord image D#5chord image D#6chord image D#7chord image D#mchord image D#m7chord image D#sus2


chord image Ebchord image Eb#5chord image Eb/Cchord image Eb/Dchord image Eb/Dbchord image Eb/Echord image Eb5chord image Eb6chord image Eb7chord image Ebaug/Echord image Ebdim/Bchord image Ebdim/Cchord image Ebdim7chord image Ebmchord image Ebm/Dbchord image Ebm7chord image Ebmaj7chord image Ebsus2chord image Ebsus2/Abchord image Ebsus4/F


chord image Echord image E/Achord image E/Dchord image E/Dbchord image E/Ebchord image E/Gbchord image E11/b9chord image E5chord image E6chord image E7chord image E7/add11chord image E7/b9(b5)chord image E7sus4chord image E9chord image Eadd9chord image Edim/Cchord image Edim/Dchord image Edim/Dbchord image Edim/Ebchord image Edim7chord image Emchord image Em/Achord image Em/Cchord image Em/Dchord image Em/Dchord image Em/Dchord image Em/Dbchord image Em/Ebchord image Em/Gbchord image Em6chord image Em7chord image Em7(b5)chord image Em7/add11chord image Em9chord image Emaj7chord image Emaj9chord image Emin/maj7chord image Emin/maj9chord image Esuschord image Esus2chord image Esus2/Achord image Esus2/Abchord image Esus2/Dbchord image Esus2/Dbchord image Esus2/Gchord image Esus4chord image Esus4/Abchord image Esus4/Cchord image Esus4/Dchord image Esus4/Dbchord image Esus4/Ebchord image Esus4/Fchord image Esus4/Gchord image Esus4/Gb


chord image E#5


chord image Fchord image F/Dchord image F/Echord image F/Ebchord image F/Gchord image F5chord image F6chord image F6/add9chord image F7chord image Fadd9chord image Faug/Dchord image Faug/Gchord image Fdim/Dchord image Fdim/Dbchord image Fdim7chord image Fmchord image Fm/Dchord image Fm/Dbchord image Fm/Ebchord image Fm6chord image Fm7chord image Fmaj7chord image Fmaj7/#11chord image Fmaj9chord image Fsuschord image Fsus2chord image Fsus2/Achord image Fsus2/Bchord image Fsus2/Bbchord image Fsus2/Dchord image Fsus2/Echord image Fsus4chord image Fsus4/G


chord image F#chord image F#5chord image F#7chord image F#mchord image F#m7


chord image Gbchord image Gb#5chord image Gb/Abchord image Gb/Echord image Gb/Ebchord image Gb/Fchord image Gb6chord image Gb7chord image Gb7(#5)chord image Gb7/#9chord image Gb7sus4chord image Gbadd9chord image Gbaug/Echord image Gbdim/Dchord image Gbdim/Echord image Gbdim/Ebchord image Gbdim7chord image Gbmchord image Gbm/Dchord image Gbm/Echord image Gbm7chord image Gbm7(b5)chord image Gbm7/b9chord image Gbmaj7chord image Gbsuschord image Gbsus2/Bbchord image Gbsus4chord image Gbsus4/E


chord image Gchord image G/Achord image G/Bchord image G/Cchord image G/Echord image G/Fchord image G/Gbchord image G5chord image G6chord image G6chord image G6/add9chord image G7chord image G7/add11chord image G7sus4chord image G9chord image Gadd9chord image Gaug/Echord image Gdim/Echord image Gdim/Ebchord image Gdim7chord image Gmchord image Gm/Echord image Gm/Ebchord image Gm/Fchord image Gm13chord image Gm6chord image Gm7chord image Gm7/add11chord image Gm9chord image Gmaj7chord image Gno3chord image Gsuschord image Gsus2chord image Gsus2/Bchord image Gsus2/Cchord image Gsus2/Echord image Gsus2/Gbchord image Gsus4chord image Gsus4/Achord image Gsus4/Bchord image Gsus4/Echord image Gsus4/Echord image Gsus4/Echord image Gsus4/F


chord image G#chord image G#5chord image G#6chord image G#7chord image G#mchord image G#m7


chord image Abchord image Ab#5chord image Ab/Achord image Ab/Fchord image Ab/Gbchord image Ab5chord image Ab6chord image Ab7chord image Abdimchord image Abdim/Echord image Abdim/Fchord image Abdim7chord image Abmchord image Abm/Dchord image Abm/Echord image Abm7chord image AbMaj7chord image Absuschord image Absus2/Fchord image Absus4